The Annual SUSDA Internship and Networking Fair

Things have been busy over in SUSDA land, so please excuse us for neglecting to mention the extremely important (it has it’s own committee!) and influential Internship and Networking Fair! Below, please find the skinny:

WHAT: As part of our degree, SDA students must complete 300 hours of internships. This can be completed as one complete internship (such as one summer internship with NODA or ACUHO-I) or three internships of 100 hours. Tactics change according to life situations, but it’s still a requirement of the degree. In order to facilitate internship opportunities, there is a SDA-only internship fair every winter, focusing on local internships. Many of the representatives are graduates of the program, so if you’re looking to stay in Seattle, it’s a good way to start making contacts with people at different schools.

WHEN: February 2nd, from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

WHERE: Seattle University Student Center, room 160.

WHO: Current students of the SDA program, as well as alumni and site supervisors.

WHY: Because we all need the internship credits to graduate and most (although not all) of us want to work in education after completing this degree.

Today there was a First Year’s only internship meeting that I was not able to attend. I’m still searching for someone to hopefully report out on that for any one else who was not able to attend.


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