SUSDA on Film Update

It’s been a long two days, but we completed filming on the SUSDA promotional video. Thank you everyone who participated! Several of us will be working on editing the film over the next few weeks, and then hopefully debut the footage for this year’s preview days. By the by, have you thought about hosting some students, volunteering for panels, or giving tours for preview days? You certainly should. Interested parties should look for e-mails from first year liaisons (and preview days interns) Dustin Grabsch and Stephanie Weiskopf.

Keep in mind, we’re still accepting pictures for another promotional video/slideshow we’re working on. E-mail Brittany Wooten or Dustin Grabsch for details.


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One thought on “SUSDA on Film Update

  1. Brandon! KUDOS to you and your staff in the Media Center for all your work on this video too! We really enjoyed being your test dumbies in the new studio!

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