Meeting Minutes from the E. Board Retreat

Executive Board Meeting and Retreat

January 30th, 2011

Location: Jessica Carter’s House, 519 12th Ave E #3


  • Deanne Lui
  • Paige Gardner
  • Jessica Carter
  • Stephanie Weiskopf
  • Andrew McGeehan
  • Brittany Wooten
  • Brandon Lueken
  • Dustin Grabsch
  • Patrick Eagle (via skype)

Time: 2:00p.m.-5:00p.m.

  • Opening Activity: Happy Crappy  – Check-in on how we’re doing personally
  • Fall Review – Reflection on highlights from last quarter and SUSDA
    • Winter Celebration/Holiday Party
    • 1st Year Transitions Discussions
    • Annual Retreat
    • Webinar
    • Mentee/Mentor Meetings and Relationships
    • Happy Hours
    • SUSDA officers – Update
      • First Year Liaison
        • GA Compensation Discussions: Open Forums, going well, Darrell Goodwin
        • SUSDA Yearbook: Will be completed by the end of February
        • SUSDA Video: Working with Brandon and Brittany on this.
        • Assisting with Professional Development Committee stuff
        • Graduation Celebration: Yesterday set up a meeting with Jeremy
  • Publication Chairs
    • MAGIS had 13 Submissions, 1 Rejected
    • First round edit completed on Friday
    • Author revisions are due this coming Friday
    • Brandon is Format Editor
    • Early in Spring Quarter Party
    • Patrick and Andrew will be doing a
    • Cost is a concern. $300 total budget. Utilizing an E-format. Place them on the new website
    • Old ones with inserts will be distributed at NASPA
  • Information Chair
    • Video is done in filming, less like the UVM video, more like the It Gets Better
    • Website and Blog are doing well. Links to Twitter, etc.
    • Switched templates recently on the Blog
  • Community Relations Chair
    • Winter Celebration very successful
    • Emailed committee to pitch out idea (a few responses)
    • Committee is interested in doing a dinner then Sky High event. Will happen this quarter
    • Planning on doing the End-of-the-Year cookout and BBQ
  • Outreach Chair
    • Internship and Networking Fair this Wednesday
    • Conducted the Internship Prep Session
    • Worked with Erin to identify schools/institutions to attend (53 Total)
    • Concerned about the Continuing Student turnout
    • Internship Fair will cost $850 total. SUSDA is putting out between $100 – $200, Program will cover up to $300. GSC covered $650
    • Committee will be helping with the Internship Fair
  • Professional Development Chair
    • Interview Bags at the Interview Prep-session
    • NASPA Prep Session coming up next week
      • Thursday, February 10th – 4:30p.m. – 5:30p.m.
      • Puget Sound Colloquium
        • February 15th from 9:30a.m. – 3:00p.m.
        • Courtney working to get subsidized tickets
      • Negotiating Job Offers
        • Thursday, February 17th from 4:45p.m. – 5:45p.m.
      • Getting a Residence Life Job with No Housing Experience
        • Tuesday, February 22nd
        • Lunch and Webinar it
      • Looking at sponsorship of alumni for current students for ACPA/NASPA
  • Vice Chair
    • Turn in Receipts
    • Retreat Total: $1495, we got $605 from attendees
    • We are about $1,005 remaining. All remaining is allotted for events
  • Chair
    • President’s Dinner went well
    • Quarterly Dinner with Jake: All of SUSDA
      • Who would like to take the lead? Rotate Officers?
      • Treehouse Fundraising: Discussion
      • Upcoming Events
        • T-shirts
          • Google form for orders. Goes out in a week
          • Consider selling at preview days
          • Brandon will get a graphic ready
          • Jessica will email SUSDA
  • General Meetings for SUSDA – Revamp
    • Once a quarter: February 22nd at 4:45p.m. – 5:45p.m.
    • Stephanie will reserve room
    • Deanne will email out
  • GA Compensation
    • Email for Proposal Development Meeting going out soon
  • NASPA Reception
    • More about SDA Program
    • We decide the logistics, Powerpoint, Tradition
    • Invitations electronic
    • Focus on opening of new buildings
    • MAGIS Journal, Table Décor, Alumni Contact Check
    • Quarter Planning
      • Next meeting, revisit constitution
      • Spring-Transition (Flash Drives)
        • Paige will distribute these soon
        • Save your important files on the flash drive
        • Joint meeting in Spring with incoming group

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