Continued New Features!

Sorry that we haven’t been meeting our promise of 1 post a day this week, things have been crazy, and we haven’t quite built up a backlog. However, as you might notice, there are some changes around the website. One, we have a new header. I hope you like it, let me know if you can think of a better tagline.

Also, the SUSDA calendar is up and running. Over on the right hand side, you’ll see an RSS feed detailing events, and in the links section, there is a link to a visual representation of the calendar. Unfortunately, unless we pay for hosting, download the wordpress software, and add some plug ins, I can’t get a visual representation on the blog. Alas, in the future perhaps.

Coming soon we’ll have more folks from the program posting, so look for that! Coming late tonight will be a re-cap of the internship fair.


About Brandon

Blogging about my steady diet of culture.

2 thoughts on “Continued New Features!

  1. Just been thinking…. what about “Education in action” as a tagline? Similar to yours, just broadening it up.

    Also, what do you feel about working to get the green trip of the blog replaced with a redhawk red? Possible?

    Random thoughts for the evening…

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