The “duh” effect

I’ve been reflecting (in true Jesuit form) lately on life thus far at SU.  I came into SU after managing a group home for teens with developmental disabilities.  It was a strange transition.  I came from a full time job that often expected 60 hours a week in order for me to get all the “little things” done.

I had an “aha” moment at the beginning of this quarter.  Well…  more like a “duh” moment.  Being in grad school, prioritizing becomes even more important.  While I knew this, I easily forgot it last quarter.

At work, it was easier to put things on a To-Do list rather than get them done on the spot.  Often that meant I got behind and had to play catch up.

At school, I did well, but by the end of the quarter I was often tempted by other readings or Netflix to break up my study.  In small dosages, great for my psyche, but at times I let it become detrimental to my learning.

Easy, was easier.  But easier was not better.

This quarter started off simple.  I had motivation.  Reading one of my books at night made me realize that I was happy at this point in time and I was just as busy now as I was last quarter when life didn’t ever let me catch up.

Thankfully the nature of education is that you get second chances and opportunities to restart.  You get a relatively clean slate every quarter.

So my “duh” moment was realizing everyday that I need to determine what is important, not easy.  Such a simple thing, but often forgotten.

After this “duh” moment, which took place at 11pm at night, I was of course unable to sleep because my mind was racing through all the things that needed to change.  While my body was shutting down because of exhaustion, my mind would not shut down.  Yesterday, when I got up I was physically rested, but mentally fatigued.

Despite this, “duh” kept hitting me in the face and I felt accomplished throughout my day.  I didn’t keep putting duties on my checklists, rather scratched a few off.   I tackled a few things of homework.  I spent some quality time with close friends.  I took the time to work out even.

To sum up… eventually “duh” (whatever that is for you) will always catch up with you.  It is what you do in response to the “duh” that makes a difference.


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