Recap: The Internship and Networking Fair

After planning for month and months, the SDA Internship and Networking Fair went off without a hitch last week in Student Center 160. With over 50 site supervisors and an untold number of internship seeking SDA folks, it was the largest Internship and Networking fair to date.

Truthfully, it’s hard to re-capture the nature of the event, if only because the event was a seething mass of conversation, networking, and what have you. The most surprising thing about the whole fair was the attitude of the site supervisors. Personally, I was expecting a colder atmosphere, more like a job interview, but I was stopped by several site supervisors as I was wandering around, who pitched me their internships. It was surprising, I don’t know how many other people felt that way.

Some of you might have notice myself and Brittany Wooten in the corner with a video camera. This is part of another video we’re making about internships, so we interviewed site supervisors and portions of the fair as recruitment for the program, and also to let people know what the event is like, so they can prepare for next week.

There’s not much else to report, as there were many individual interactions that are more meaningful than I anything I could write here, I would ask that maybe some of you who networked with alumni drop the blog address? It’d be great, as we do want to include our alumni.

Also, Stephanie Weiskopf was a superstar for organizing this, and that deserves a mention.


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One thought on “Recap: The Internship and Networking Fair

  1. Agreed, Brandon. Stephanie (and you!) need some big KUDOS for all the work on this event.

    My Texas Aggie roots are coming out: “Whoop! to you both!”

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