Transitioning to the Pacific

I grew up in New York, went to undergrad in New Jersey, vacationed in Cape Cod, MA and Long Beach Island, NJ in the summer and Vermont in the winter.  I have always been an east coast girl.  During my third year of undergraduate education I decided it was time to venture out of my New Englander box.  I started looking at grad schools all over the country.  I applied to schools in San Diego, Seattle, and Chicago.  I visited, did my research, and had to make the big decision.  I did not get a GAship anywhere so it was down to where I really wanted to be and whose program resonated with me the most.  Seattle University was the winner because of the location and the amount of internship opportunities I knew I would have.  Other schools did not offer the plethora of opportunities Seattle University had.

Fast forward to February, I now have a GAship at the University of Washington-Bothell in Student Life and am working in Athletics on the main campus.  I originally thought that if I did not get a GAship I would not be going to graduate school.  But here I am!

My transition has been rather smooth.  Going from a semester system to a new quarter system was a challenge.  I had to learn to leave more time for school work than usual.  I also had to learn to be more process oriented when looking at assignments.  I have adapted to the climate well.  I enjoy not having to wear leggings underneath my pants everyday and being able to play ultimate Frisbee outside year-round.  Overall, the Pacific Northwest has been treating me well.


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