[Grad] Students need to be active in change

From a recent article in The Spectator, the SU student newspaper. I think it relates to Graduate Students and our experience – or inexperience – as well.


Students often complain about the shortcomings of Seattle University, but this complaining does not often lead to action. We gripe to our friends and professors instead of posing ideas to university administrators. Underclassmen are sometimes apprehensive to ask for change because they are new to the university community and inexperienced; upperclassmen suffer from apathy, unmotivated to initiate changes within the university they won’t see in their time as students.

The reality is, we are all stakeholders in this school as students and future alumni. We must acknowledge change takes time but this does not mean our ideas should go to waste.

Often, students will begin the push to implement ideas and initiatives to change university practice, but will not be able to see the result of those efforts during their time at Seattle U. The students who originally founded Ban the Bottle graduated before the plastic water bottle ban went into effect on campus. A club that was once viewed as ineffective and flawed, helped implement a policy to make our campus even greener.

Other student organizations have similar stories. The Spectator, for example, has been trying to expand to 24 pages for more than six years. For those who don’t know, that time period covers the tenure of three editors-in-chief. For the first time since the idea was proposed, that goal is finally looking possible within the next year or so.

Not only are we setting a foundation for our careers through out academic achievements, we are setting a foundation for the future of the university through our actions in extracurricular activities and in our collaboration with university administrators.

Students, stop being apathetic. Instead of passively complaining and viewing administrators as enemies, find ways to work with them to start change now.

Let’s build Seattle U into a university of which we will be proud to be alumni.



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