If you haven’t already…

Current students should think about what classes you are going to register for next quarter. I just remembered that was coming up and worked myself into a bit of a tizzy figuring it all out, so I thought I would do the service of reminding others. Registration begins on Tuesday February 22nd at 9:00am. So be ready, know your time, and plan for multiple schedules.

Also, Preview Days are coming. Have you thought about hosting a student? You could make them your slave friend. You could also volunteer to speak on a panel, hob nob with students at a lunch or dinner, or give a campus tour! If you have questions, e-mail Dustin Grabsch or Stephanie Weiskopf, who are the coordinators for preview days.

Also, a quick SUSDA video update. After letting the footage sit for a while, I spent a few hours today logging footage, noting quotes and getting an idea of how to organize the footage. So that’ll continue through out the week as I review the footage and begin assembling something vaguely coherent.


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One thought on “If you haven’t already…

  1. Ah good, I will be hosting two slaves, I mean friends for Preview Days! I’m excited because this is our first chance to start building relationships with the potential new cohort – some of these students will be our classmates next year.

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