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The Puget Sound Colloquium was today, and unfortunately I was unable to attend. Hopefully, we will have a report out about that soon!

In the mean time, did you hear about the Seattle Youth Initiative? We made The Seattle Times, The Stranger, and a variety of other news outlets. Based partially on the forward thinking (and controversial) Harlem Children’s Zone, Seattle University will be spending $1 million as they partner with local schools in the Central Area (one of the poorer and more ethnic of Seattle’s neighborhoods) to ensure those kids get a good education. Having read a bit on the Harlem Children’s Zone, the idea is to create a pipeline where students will enter in preschool or kindergarten and those same kids will graduate from high school and attend college, ideally Seattle University. They are tracking these students for success. However, the measures that need to be taken to make the success of the Central District students remains to be seen. Will this be more than tutoring? How can a private university work to make public schools more effective? Will we be stepping on some of the school boards toes with this announcement? Is 1 million dollars enough?

I’m very interested to see how the details unfold.


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