SDA and Sweden

There were two good meetings on Thursday. The Professional Development Committee sponsored Negotiating a Job Offer, which had SDA Alum and Director of Housing and Residence Life at Cornish College of the Arts, Ryan Hamachek.  I didn’t have the pleasure of attending this one, but we do have a copy of Ryan’s power point, which you can find here. It looks like sage advice.

The other meeting was about the opportunity for SDA students to go to Sweden as part of SDAD 584. It’s a summer course that takes place during August 20th-26th. From the meeting, the trip is much looser than I anticipated (although I never got the chance to study abroad, so all the programs could be like this). Students are expected to take care of their own airfare and meet at Uppsala on Saturday, August 20th. From there, the week is semi-structured, but with plenty of opportunities for students explore their interests. Past activities included examining the Swedish Employment Service, the Swedish social welfare system, and the Drivhuset, which is a service that helps students become businesses.

Students will be housed in a hotel, have the ability to visit Stockholm, and take advantage of all that Sweden has to offer.

Of course international sounds great if you have the time, but what about the cost? That was the thing that I was very curious about, and was basically the make or break part of the meeting. I’ve been pinching pennies and saving money on the remote possibility that I’d be able to go to Sweden (international travel is the one thing I didn’t do in college), but it turns out that the tuition is only $1659 for the class, which is eligible for financial aid. Airfare is arranged on your own, but there is a discount on hotel costs through the university (estimated at 671 a person for a double room and includes a daily breakfast at a three star hotel). Jeremy estimated this was probably a high number. There is a student fee, which includes a $300 non-refundable deposit required to reserve space in the course. Space is capped at 15 people.

There next biggest cost is $350 for food, which is estimated at $50 dollars a day, but your mileage may vary.With other various costs (the one book for class, travel medical insurance, emergency funds) the total estimated cost is $4,573.

Personally, once I discovered that my next year’s financial aid was eligible to cover for this class, I was pretty much sold. I need to get a passport, but I said the next opportunity to travel abroad, I would take it. And if this is even a possibility (and it definitely is), then I am going. It’s only February, but I’m looking towards summer already.


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