SUSDA General Meeting and Preview Day Discussion

SUSDA General Meeting and Preview Day Discussion

February 22nd, 2011

Location: Chardin 145


  • Stephanie Weiskopf 
  • Laura Cummings
  • Christina Shapland
  • Nicole Juliano
  • Kaitlin Elhers
  • Sarah Thompson
  • Courtney Stringer
  • James Spaan
  • Kelly Russell
  • Sheryl Rosenberg
  • Brandon Lueken
  • Nick Dietrich
  • Paige Gardner
  • Deanne Liu
  • Andrew McGeehan
  • Lisa Jacobson
  • Heather Jacobson

Time: 4:45p.m. – 5:45p.m.


SUSDA Blog – should read – many posts – thanks for those that are authors – add events to the calendar by going to the RSS feed

SUSDA Video – coming along – will be edited before Preview Days – Will show at NASPA

Community Relations – Sky High Activity (followed by great deal of enthusiasm) – Look for forthcoming details

Professional Development committee – good work to the professional development committee

NASPA Reception – SUSDA is hosting the Friends and Colleagues of Seattle University – Showing video – T-shirts – Journal – Buttons GA Compensation Continuing Students – Taking the picture soon – Look out for information

MAGIS Journal – response rates are slower than originally – one removal of an article – 11 articles due – extending deadlines – Final submissions due by end of quarter – Reception in early spring quarter

Graduation Celebration – Please contact Dustin if you are interested in working on the event. There are a lot of pieces.

Preview Days – meetings for the next week for preview days (Wed. 5pm in Bellarmine Leadership, basement, Friday – 12pm Bell Leadership), overview of schedule and student panels, socials – today we are talking about hosting. – – 40+ coming to campus. A few are participating through skype. – Two groups of preview days this year. – Scheduling – leading by Erin (academic panel already set) – Housing host information

Please contact Dustin Grabsch with questions concerning this meeting.


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