[Tentative] Preview Days Schedule

Seattle University Graduate Preview Days Agenda


Sunday, February 27, 2011

11:00am: Check In and Registration                                                Casey

1130-12:30pm: Welcome, Introductions and Overview   Casey              

12:30-1pm: Lunch in small table groups     Casey                                                

1:15 pm:  Student Development Administration Program       Casey 

Jesuit Mission as Context for Learning; Overview of Curriculum, Theory to Practice, Global/Community Engagement,                              

2:00pm                        SDA Panel:  Why Seattle University?            Casey

What Makes SU Distinctive?

Current Students, Alumni, and Divisional Professional                           

2:45pm                        Professional Engagement and Identity                     Casey              

          Welcome from Vice President; National to university opportunities

          SUSDA professional development committee, Alumni network

3:15pm                        Break                                                                         

3:30 pm                       Workshops:                                       

  1. a.      Internship Program                                        Casey 500  
  2. b.      Research Opportunities                                Casey 516

4:15pm                        Financing Graduate School            Casey

5:00pm                        Celebrating Our Diversity             Casey                          

6:00pm                        Pizza Dinner at Piecora’s

Monday, February 28, 2011

   8:30 – 9:45am          Welcome, Introductions, and                         Casey

                                    General Information                         

Darrell Goodwin, Associate Dean of Students;

Coordinator of Preview Days

Dr. Jacob Diaz, Vice President Student Development

Dr. Michele Murray, Associate Vice President Student Development

Deanna Liu, President SUSDA

Dustin Grabsch and Stephanie Weiskopf, GA Preview Days Co-Coordinators 

 9:45 – 10:00am          Break

10:00 – 10:30am         Candidate Introductions                                 Casey

 10:30 – 12:00pm        Tour of Campus and GA Offices            3 Groups led by GA’s

                                     (See separate map)

12:00 – 12:55pm         Lunch with Graduate Assistants                               Casey

1:00 – 2:45pm             Student Development Divisional Fair                       Student Center 160

                                    Meet with GA’s and Supervisors one on one

2:45 – 3:00pm Break

3:00 – 4:15pm Financial Considerations – Student Panel  Casey                             

4:15 – 4:45pm Engagement Opportunities                                        Casey

4:45- 5:45pm: Open Forum – Q & A with Current Students      Casey

5:45 – 6:00pm Break

 6:00 – 7:00pm            Dinner with GA’s                                                       Casey

7:00 pm                       Social with GA’s                                                         Various Locations

 Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7:45am                        Hospitality Room                                                       Student Center 130

                                    Pick up interview schedules

8:00 – 12:00pm           Interviews                                                                   Supervisors’ Offices

12:00 – 1:00pm           Lunch and Wrap-Up                                       Student Center 160

*Second Preview Days are identical with different locations.

*This is a tentative schedule and subject to change.


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