SPU Explains Itself

Looks like after a week of taking flack in the media, SPU chose this week to speak up. Sometimes colleges and universities aren’t the best on being able to quickly respond to the media.

SPU Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Les Steele sent an e-mail to the school hoping to explain the hullabaloo, giving reasons for their actions to stop allowing Haven, the school’s un-official LGBTQ discussion group to reserve private space.  Dr. Steele explains publicly what Jeff Jordan told our law class somewhat privately last night: Haven is not entirely innocent here, which has not been mentioned as often in the news. The group was not timely with a response for a statement of purpose, they tried to schedule space outside of Dean Jordan, and were basically not as communicative as leaders in times past. This is one of the pitfalls with leadership structures in student groups. Almost every year, clubs have a new leader. Some years are better than others, and there can be a some continuity of goals and leadership or entire breakdowns of reason. I’m sure most of us in Student Affairs have seen this happen.

Now SPU is trying to meet somewhere in the middle because of pressures both internal and external. As it stands right now, the school seems to be framing the problem as a lack of overall sexuality programming and discussion, of which Haven will be included in. Some will think this goes too far, some (most assuredly in Seattle) will think it doesn’t go far enough. As things continue to unfold, we’ll keep you updated.


SPU Faculty have sent an e-mail asking for an increase of sexuality programming today. See more here.


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One thought on “SPU Explains Itself

  1. I’m lucky enough to be in Jeff Jordans Law in Higher Education class right now, and it was a bit of an honor to be able to listen to Jeff talk about this issue somewhat candidly last night. Hopefully with the dust starting to settle, the Stranger – and other media alike – will catch wind of what a committed professional he is. Last night Jeff voiced to our class his deep concern for students to have safe spaces at SPU to have discussions about sexuality. It was eye opening to hear him talk about how challenging this is at a private religious institution, and inspiring to hear how he has been committed to prorgamming on this topic over the past 30 years…he even told us stories about AIDS programming he did when he was an RD in the 80s!

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