Preview Days are here!

As most of the folks in the program now, Preview Days are here! Some of you probably got visited on the great big tour. I didn’t see anybody pop through the library, but I might have missed them. Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered, it’s a big showing.

I had lunch with the group earlier today, and they were quite delightful. Unfortunately, this seems like the only time I’ll be able to interact with this group until those who are coming to SU actually show up in the summer or fall. I am pleased to say that earlier that morning we got to screen the SDA Preview Days Video, which will hopefully be up on Youtube shortly. At the moment, I have to complete a draft for a class (oh yeah classes, what are those?) or else it would be up sooner.

If you get a chance, say hello to our lovely visitors, and I do hope you mention that they can come and visit the blog (HI PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS).

Since this is Preview Days (and school work has been piling up) posts might be a bit sparse, but hopefully we’ll be able to commit to our one post a day goal (although it’s been more like one post a weekday). We might even get some reflections about the comparisons between the different preview days experiences, which may be neat. I remember being almost burnt out by this time last year. Funny how some things don’t change.


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