Preview Days is Almost Over

Tomorrow marks the last day of Preview Days, where the second group goes through GA interviews. The past few days we’ve been getting a lot of hits, so thank you everyone who has tuned in, pushed the blog, and pushed the video. I hope we’ve been able to provide some kind of idea about what continued life is like when there aren’t a bunch of  prospective students here.

I’m always excited for things like Preview Days in part because it reminds me of orientation (and I love orientation), but it also makes it possible to really picture the future of the future of the program. I’m excited for all of the potential students who are working their way through Preview Days because you may all come to the program. From what I’ve been able to tell we have an excellent batch of candidates, who I would love to see here next year. The group I got dessert with this evening were already talking about potential housing plans, which sounded fun.

Good luck to everyone with interviews tomorrow, and thank you so much to Stephanie and Dustin making this such an excellent experience.


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