Spring Forward

It’s the beginning of Spring quarter, which means we get a fresh start on academics. I hope everyone got the chance to recharge their batteries over the break. I know getting out of the city gave me some perspective on life.

On the SUSDA front this quarter is all about transition. NASPA is over, but the ACPA National Conference is going strong in Baltimore, which is where Professor Yamamura is at the moment.

Most second years will begin the job hunt in earnest, some of the first years may have even been recruited to a portfolio committee. Although word on the street is a fair number of second years have switched from the portfolio process to the comprehensive exam, which has traditionally been the less popular of the two processes, attracting maybe a handful of graduates each year. This year maybe a third of the graduates are taking comprehensive exams.

Other changes will be coming soon. Here’s a rundown:

  • SUSDA elections will be in April, so interested parties should be on the look out next week when we post position descriptions.
  • I’m sure each of our lovely committees will be arranging events, but as it stands things are quiet at the start of the quarter. If folks want something to appear on the blog, e-mail me, comment, or you can try adding it to the calendar yourself.
  • Also in job news, I am considering doing a weekly round-up of job postings we get in our e-mail. Do folks think this would be useful?
  • I’m also hoping to rustle up some more original content here soon, so look forward to some new voices .

Overall, I’m excited for the new quarter, I hope you all are as well.


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