SUSDA General Meeting (also SUSDA Election Interest Meeting)

SUSDA’s own democratic process is coming at the end of April, but knowing how SDA folk get busy, we’re starting interest meetings next week. The skinny is down below.

WHAT: SUSDA Election Info and General Meeting.

WHEN: Wednesday April 6th, 4:45-5:45pm.

WHERE: Pavilion 050.

WHY: Positions like the President, Vice President, and various committee heads are elected by the general SUSDA population. In order to do great things like the SUSDA Holiday Party, programs at national conferences, the student mentor program, we need people to run their committees. If you have great ideas about things you’d like to do next year (build a SUSDA laser cannon, carve our names on the moon, give fancy pens to everyone), this is your chance to lead a committee that will do those amazing things. As the governing body of SUSDA, you can help shape the feel of the program.

HOW: Magic. (Also, the hard work of your SUSDA exec board, but mostly the illustrious Paige Gardner and Deanne Liu).

OTHER DETAILS: Printed job descriptions will be available at the meeting, the official time line for the election process will occur, also you get to ask the SUSDA representatives questions about upcoming plans, future events, past events, stuff like that. It’ll be great.


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