Job Posting Roundup

It’s been a busy week for job postings.


UW Bothell has been exploding with positions at the moment, and I encourage any one interested in staying in the area to check out their job page. There’s a fair number of alumni there, and they’re building their student affairs department. Currently, they have six positions open on the website from an RD to Assistant Director of Residence Life. For those not interested in residence life, there is an admissions adviser position open, as well as a Research Coordinator for the intriguingly named Center on Reinventing Public Education.

West Coast:

More admissions work at WSU Vancouver, which has an Admissions Counselor/International Student Adviser position open. Alum Melissa Uyesugi sent this along. (Note: This one closes TOMORROW (04/03/2011) so if you’re interested, you better act quickly).

The Art Institute of Portland, OR also has an Admissions Counselor opening. This one closes April 8th, so not much time left there either. Alum Jonathan Scrimenti forwarded this to us. He says he’s happy to answer questions about that institution for you.

Further down south, first year student Christina Shapland let us know that Pitzer College of the Claremont Colleges was looking for a Resident Director. The position is about halfway down the page. If you have any questions, Christina says she can answer questions about this, because she used to RD in the exact same building. This position is open until filled.


Alum Jamie Porter let us know that Ball State University was looking for a Substance Abuse Educator, so those of you interested in health concerns on campus might be interested in this. Doesn’t say when it closes, but the position doesn’t start until August 1, and seems to be only 10 months long.

There are two positions in Texas this week. Alum Colleen Schmidt let us know that University of Houston is looking for an Area Coordinator, as part of expanding it’s Residence Life program. This position is open until filled.

But over at Texas A&M, recent alum Jill Vogel told us that they’re looking for someone who will work with the Department of Residence Life, and the Department of Student Life. However, the job description specifically says they’re looking for someone who is considering a Master’s Degree, or a career in higher education, rather than an alum who already has a degree, so I think it’s a bit of a bust. If you’re still interested though, you can look for Student Development Specialist here.


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