Sweden Update

Hey SUSDA, have not solidified your summer plans? Are you looking to get away for a little while, like away away? Perhaps abroad?

There are still three openings in the Sweden Study Abroad Course. At the moment, we have twelve SDA students who have committed to going, myself included. These three spots are reserved for SDA students only, but if no one in the program shows an interest, we’ll be opening up the class to the entire college of education. Specifically, we need more men, as I’m the only guy staying in the hotel (first year Noah Overby is going, but he and his wife actually have a friend in Uppsala they’ll be staying with).

The required dates are August 20th through 26th, in Uppsala, Sweden. This class counts as an elective credit, and you can put financial aid money towards the class. We’ll be visiting various parts of Uppsala University during the first week of their semester, but your experience can be customized for your interests.

Stephanie Noss is the student coordinator for the program, so if you’re interested, feel free to contact her, or Jeremy Stringer, or even myself. You should act quickly, as this is first come, first served.


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