Bad News for Washington State Higher Education

As states tighten their belts due to budget shortfalls, education at all levels has been taking a hit, but higher education in particular looks grim in Washington state. Two days ago, the state House proposed a budget that slashed $482 million dollars out of higher education budget. That number would halve the current budget available to state higher education over four years. You can read more about it at The Stranger.

As professionals looking to move into higher education positions, this doesn’t bode well at all. For those looking to stay in the area at public institutions, be they large, medium, small, 2-year or 4-year, the future is grim. During our tenure as professionals, we may very well see massive changes to the public education sector because of slashes like this. Our future, the one w are supposed to Win The Future, as our President so put it, depends on further education, especially higher education. This cannot happen.

If you are a Washington State representative, I encourage you to call your congressmen. This a proposal, it is not set in stone. Those of you already in institutions of higher education, reach out to colleagues, see how you can help.


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