Job Posting Roundup


Green River Community College has an opening for an office assistant, specifically working with TRiO Student Support Services / Disability Support Services. This position closes April 12 (so act now!). A few alumni work at Green River, but it was Sarah Postel and current student Paige Gardner who sent this along.

West Coast:

Western Washington University is looking for someone interested in admissions marketing, the position is officially titled Assistant Director of Admissions – Marketing Communications. This position closes April 22nd, and was passed on to us by Stephanie Baron.

Western Oregon University is looking for a Campus Life and Student Activities Coordinator (it’s all the way at the bottom). They start reviewing applications on May 2nd, so people have some time with this one. Gina Lopardo sent this along.


First year student Dustin Grabsch let us know that Texas A&M is looking for a Community Director, which could be neat. This position closes at 4:30pm on April 13th, so move quickly.


Assistant to the President and adjunct faculty Tim Wilson passed on the knowledge the University of British Columbia is looking for a Residence Life Manager. The job ID is 9949. It closes April 19th.


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