Job Roundup


University of Washington Tacoma is looking for two positions, one temporary. The temporary position is a quick teaching position for science, technology, engineering and leadership. The deadline for this is 5:00pm, Friday May 17, 2011. UWT is also looking for a Disabilities Support Services position. It was posted April 6, but is open until filled. Erin Swezey sent these along.

Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle is looking for a Housing Coordinator. A review of applications will begin May 1st. This would be excellent for anyone graduating this year, or incoming students! I pulled this off of Twitter, via alum Ryan Hamacheck.

Pacific Lutheran University is looking for a half time RD. Graduating student Kassie Chapel has had this position for the past two years, and would love to talk to you about it. Her e-mail is For the life of me, I cannot find a closing date.

West Coast

The Arts Institute of Portland is looking for an Assistant Director of Readmissions. Jonathan Scrimenti sent this along, and the close date is April 22nd.


Gina Lopardo let us know the University of Massachusetts at Boston is looking for a Coordinator of New Student Programs. The close date for this is April 26th. This one sounds like a catch.

Another one from the SUSDA Twitter, Indiana University is looking for an Associate Director for their Multicultural Center. Can’t find a close date for this one either.


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