SUSDA Letters of Intent Extended (again)

Ok, here’s the deal. In order to make SU program awesome, we need people to do things like arrange meetings, manage the blog, set up professional development opportunities, etc. It’s all the extra-curricular stuff that binds us together, really makes us a program, not a bunch of faceless goons. It’s what develops character.

Over time, SUSDA has developed  eight positions.

  1. Chair of the Board (or El Presidente, currently Deanne Liu)
  2. Vice Chair (Or El Vice Presidente, currently Paige Gardner)
  3. Professional Development Chair (currently Brittany Whooten).
  4. Community Relations Chair (aka Boss of fun, currently Jessica Carter).
  5. Networking Chair (mainly in charge of the Internship Fair, currently Stephanie Weiskopf)
  6. First Year Liason (gotta be an incoming first year, currently Dustin Grabsch).
  7. Publications co-Chairs (appointed, currently Andrew McGeehan and Patrick Eagle.)
  8. Information Specialist (that’s me!)
As it stands, only three positions have been applied for: Chair, Vice Chair, and Community Relations. Even then, each position has only received one candidate. I’ll probably re-apply for my position, Andrew and Patrick have a few folks in mind for the MAGIS journal, and we can’t select a First Year Liason until Fall (sorry you forward thinking first years who are reading). That still leaves two important places open: Professional Development, and Networking chair, and even then, it’d be nice to have some competition.
You and I both know that our lives as Graduate Students are incredibly busy. Between class, jobs, internships, love, life, mental health, do you really need another thing to commit to, to feel drained by, to maybe feel guilty about that you don’t give your best. That’s not the way to think about SUSDA, or any of these positions. For starters, you can put this on a resume, you make this position your own. Two, work/life/school/everything else balance has always been on of SUSDA’s main priorities. It’s part of the way we network, keep in touch, and check up on one another. As our program is growing in terms of people, these connections are all that more important.
If you’ve been dissatisfied with the services that SUSDA has provided, this is the perfect opportunity to change how we do things at Seattle University. It’s a great way to bring us together for collective bargaining, so we can better talk about some of the issues of our program: what we emphasize on for curriculum, population inflation, and the future of student affairs. These are all conversations that need to happen, so I encourage everyone to please apply for a position.
Letters of intent should be sent to Vice Chair Paige Gardner at They should be 5-7 sentences long about who you are, and what you’re up to.

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