Hello Everyone

Hey fellow bloggers.  My name is Brian Wasserman (please, call me Waz).  I have been accepted into the Class of 2013.  Also, I will be working as a graduate assistant for the Collegium program next year.  I can’t wait to meet everyone in the next few months.

I choose to enter the Student Affairs profession after much reflection.  I graduated from the University of Scranton in 2008 with degrees in Biology and Philosophy.  While I entered undergraduate as a gung-ho pre-medical student, I discovered that a life in medicine would not make me happy.  However, my desire to interact with people remained strong.  I decided to seek my Paramedic certification after graduation.  After a failed attempt to relocate to Arizona (the pay rate for paramedics is unacceptable for me), I spent a year reflecting on where I belonged.  My reflection led me to the student development administration page on Seattle U’s website.  Yet again, I am amazed by the serendipitous nature of life.

While I am highly excited to begin the program and assistantship, I wonder how I will acclimatize to the graduate life.  Will I be able to find the time to run semi-daily?  How will I find the elusive balance between work-life and social life while still alloting some time for myself?  Which classes do I want to take?  Where will I live?  What extra-cirriculars do I wish to pursue?  Will I be able to maintain my friendships back at home?  How will I budget my money and my time?  And most importantly, what will define me as a person and professional in this new and unfamiliar environment?

I liken my excitement and apprehension to the experience of the undergraduate.  In the coming months, I will leave all that is familiar to me, my family, friends and surroundings, for the new terrain of Seattle and SU.  I am sure that finding my way will be difficult at first.  But, the multitude of possibilities seems exciting.  I will meet many people, with some of whom I hope to develop strong friendships and working relationships.  I will learn new and interesting things in class, my assistantship and other adventures.  I will explore a world-class city.  The possibilities seem endless!

I would be interested to hear the challenges faced by current graduate students when they were in my position and how they met them!


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