I apologize for the lack of content. I’ve got one or two posts waiting in the wings that I haven’t fine tuned yet, and I just moved over the past weekend, so that’s taken a big chunk of my time. Also, as the quarter has been winding down, we graduate students have been keeping our noses to the grindstones, eying summer internships, jobs, etc. Events have been few and far between to advertise/recap/etc.

Speaking of which, summer is in fact coming. Don’t let the Seattle weather fool you, the solstice is rapidly approaching (HOW IS IT ALREADY THE MIDDLE OF MAY?!). While admittedly the updates have been spotty over the past quarter, we will be updating over the summer, never fear. Perhaps not quite daily, but still often. I hope that some people conducting internships home and abroad will update us about their experiences, I’ll be posting about some of the preparations the SUSDA Executive Board has been working  out, and welcoming the new students who will be around over the summer.

Also, if all of you hadn’t figured out, Registration starts tomorrow. All the classes I want to take seem to be offered on Wednesday, so I have yet to nail down a schedule. I bet the incoming students are chomping at the bit to register. Good luck with getting your classes!


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