Job Roundup


There’s a part time Student Life Advisor for International Programs over at Cascadia Community College. Priority applications due June 6th. Ana Blackstad clued us in on this.

The UW is looking for a variety of positions.

There’s the Associate Director of Recreational Sports position at the main campus (ends June 1st). Click here, enter job number 73830.

Over at UW Bothell, they’re looking for a Program Assistant in Enrollment Management (closing May 27th!), as well as a Prospect Manager in the same department (open until filled).

UW Tacoma is looking for a Student Leadership Specialist. Closing June 3rd. Enter number 74204 as the reference number on this search. Erin Swezey believes there might be a forthcoming position in career counseling.

Back to community colleges, South Seattle Community Colleges (where current students Nathan Fanning, Sheryl Rosenberg, and Noah Overby all work) is looking for a Student Development Specialist. The position closes June 8th.

Then here at Seattle U, they’re looking for an admissions counselor. The position is open until filled.


Lane Community College, in Eugene, OR is looking for an International Student Retention Advisor (possible two!). The position closes on June 1st, and was sent along by the amazing Sabrina Moss.


John Carrol University in University Heights Ohio is looking for an Assistant Director of Student Activities. Priority applications due June 1st. Michele Murray passed this on.


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