“Bedless in Bobst”

This spring, NYU student Taylor Myers explored the possibility of living in the school library next year due to an inability to afford student housing.  As part of an assignment, Myers created a documentary chronicling his five day stay in the library.  The documentary gained popularity after being posted on Youtube.  According to an article published in the NYU student paper, the Washington Square Post, dated May 4th, Mr. Myers applied to USC in the hopes of receiving a more generous financial aid package. At time of publication, Myers still planned on living at Bobst pending news from USC.
However, Myers isn’t the first NYU student to turn to the library for shelter in times of financial hardship.  Stephen Stanzek successfully resided in the basement of the library for eight months in 2004.  After being interviewed by the NYU student paper, NYU administration offered him an RA position that included free housing. I believe this highlights, for better or worse, the influence of media and public opinion on college administration.

The documentary and article can be viewed through the following links:





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