The Only True Disability is a Crushed Spirit

I came across this video on a blog I follow and it was really inspiring. I think it poses a very important and necessary challenge to us all. It has really encouraged me to think of ways that I can bring out the potential in others, something I hope to become great at, especially in working with my future students. I only watched it from 14:38, but feel free to watch it all. Enjoy!


About Sha'terika Perkins

I hope to empower women and communities to experience intimacy with Jesus and discover their true self through inner healing, coaching, hospitality, and writing.

2 thoughts on “The Only True Disability is a Crushed Spirit

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I was having a similar discussion about potential at dinner last night, and it’s definitely got me thinking in ways that are not necessarily linear. I love TED.

  2. Me too! It really does change the way you think about things. I think it’s definitely something that takes practice because we truly have to change our perspective on things, but it’s definintely worth it!


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