How Educated is Your Legislature?

From Jeremy Stringer!:

A detailed story in the June 17 Chronicle of Higher Education indicates what percentage of each state’s legislators have bachelor’s degrees. This is accompanied on their web site by an interactive map that is very interesting, as well.

Would you be surprised to know that one-quarter of Washington’s state legislators have no college degree? I don’t know why, but I was. Despite Seattle’s claim to be one of the most literate cities in the country, which I personally think is well-founded, the state ranks behind several others in the degree attainment of its elected leaders. Some of the states with a much higher percentage of legislators with degrees include California, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Illinois. Washington’s percentage is about the same as Oklahoma’s.

Given the uproar over the legislature granting tuition-setting ability to the University of Washington it is particularly interesting to learn that 30 of our state legislators have degrees from there!

What do you think?


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