SUSDA in the Summer: Update!

Greetings SUSDA!

I hope this post finds everyone well after their 4th of July weekend!

Your SUSDA Executive Team is already working on planning great programs and opportunities for our community for the 20th year of the program. To begin, we have a few things to share and a quick request of everyone:

  • Getting to Know your SUSDA Exec-Team:  Here you will find a booklet of favorite things, goals, and random facts about your SUSDA Executive Team. Dare I say it is as intriguing as the famous “Blue Book!” Take a look!
  • All-SUSDA Fall Retreat: Save the date! Saturday, October 8th – Sunday, October 9th will be the annual All-SUSDA Retreat. We are encouraging all students to attend this event as a way to strengthen our community. More information to come at the SDA Orientation and subsequent emails.
  • SUSDA Blog: Just because it is summer doesn’t mean nothing is happening! Check out the SUSDA Blog for new postings every week by your E-Team and other authors! The blog is located at (looks like you found it, if you’re reading this blog — ed.)

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 20th year of the program and what we will accomplish together in community.

Best regards,



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