Monday marked the first day of my summer internship back at Clemson University.

This summer I will be working in the study abroad office on campus, working with international programs and primarily assisting in the organization and development of the incoming exchange student’s orientation in August.

While I have definitely enjoyed my first week, I will say it has been very strange being on campus with no students. Coming off of my assistantship this year, where I had everyday contact with students, I am now seeing how it is to work in our profession during the “quieter” time of the year. In some ways, it seems like this is a time for more busy work- more special projects that were unable to get done during the year, for reflection and brainstorming for the upcoming year, and catching up with other offices on campus that perhaps the busy year prevented you from reaching out to as often as you planned. While I can defnitely see the value is this time to decompress a little, after all, this is why summer has always been one of my favorite seasons, I am also really struck with idea that the students really do make the university. They truly are what make it thrive, what make it tick, and therefore, I am missing their presence a bit this summer.

Who would’ve thought!? …that’s sarcasm if you didn’t quite catch it :)


One thought on “MIA

  1. I miss the students too! It’s been so strange to have most of my internship hours in their absence. At PLU we at least have some great student workers around who make me laugh and tell me about the underbelly of student life! I love eating lunch with them and hearing about what they are doing next year.

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