Summer with SUSDA: 5 Things I’ve Learned From My Internship Thus Far

[This week, we’re hearing from our MAGIS co-editors Ester Sihite and Kelly Russell, both of which are on the East Coast for Summer Internships. Here’s Ester!]

Greetings from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (known out here as UMBC)!  I arrived on June 5 on a squelching hot day, ready to embark on my internship to co-lead a summer bridge program for incoming freshmen and to begin somewhat of an adventure on the opposite coast of Seattle.  Since then, in the past five weeks, I have experienced a number of unexpected happenings that have led to discoveries, laughs, frustrations and valuable lessons, some of which I now share with you.

Lesson 1: Whatever you are expecting to find at an internship or job, expect to experience the unexpected.  Rarely anything in higher education goes exactly as planned.  It’s best to remain adaptable – an  incredibly useful skill to have in the nutty world of higher ed (and life in general so it seems)!

Lesson 2: Constantly learn.  Ask questions.  Research (yes, even for fun sometimes!).  Take full use of the time you have to gather information and potentially make a difference.  Seek more.

Lesson 3: Take the time to acknowledge and get to know people with whom you cross paths.  You never know how they might impact your life in the future.

Lesson 4: Network: it’s not just a two-syllable word that sounds abstractly good… It can and does happen, with a little bit of effort on your part and the presence of people who are more than willing to help (for me it was Erin Swezey and a number of people at other institutions.  Utilize any connections that you have.

Lesson 5: One of the best ways to learn if something is for you (i.e. a career choice) is simply to try it.  There is nothing more informative than hands-on experience, where you live and breathe a role for a certain period of time.

Cheers from Baltimore.

Take care,



About Ester

Grad student at Seattle U. Seattlelite by region, world-traveler/citizen at heart. :)

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