Student Involvement and Leadership At Pacific Lutheran University

Special greetings to the incoming class of 2011.  I am excited to meet more of you and hear about the journey that brought you to SU and to join the Student Development crew.  Thanks for coming on board for the adventure.

I’m writing from Tacoma, WA, which I have called home for the last 13 years.  I’m a commuter and do the 45 minute drive between Tacoma and Seattle 3-5 times a week.  Sometimes they call us gritty Tacomans.  That’s in comparison to Seattleites!  Hey Dustin Grabsch, there’s no Seattle freeze down here!  We are warm, genuine and community oriented as a city.  Go T town!  I’m a New Zealander, born and raised, who came to Seattle for college a while back and loved it so much I never went back home.  Since attending undergrad at Seattle Pacific University as an international student, I’ve completely lost the accent, survived five years of teaching elementary ed, and gone on to work at a nonprofit whose mission is to announce the gifts of people with disabilities.  I have loved this nonprofit work so much that I’m going into my 13th year.  I work part-time on Capitol Hill, right by SU.

This summer I have an outstanding internship at Pacific Lutheran University (3700 students) in Tacoma.  I love my 12 minute commute!  Some of you spent the day at PLU for Best Practices this summer, so you got to experience first hand the excellence in student affairs that PLU brings to the field.  The student affairs division at PLU is mission focused, collaborative, creative and committed to assessment that measures student learning.  I am interning in the office of Student Involvement and Leadership, with a special focus on supporting our 3-day Student Leadership Institute (SLI) which takes place in August before school starts.  SLI is a leadership experience required for all 350 student leaders from diverse parts of campus.  I am part of the SLI Working Group made up of 15-20 staff members from all across campus who plan, implement and assess this unique leadership experience.  Thanks to Courtney Stringer, who loves PLU, her alma mater, I was fortunate enough to hear a PLU student affairs team present on SLI at the NASPA conference in Portland last fall.  I was so impressed with the presentation I asked if they would take me on as their intern this summer.  SLI is a nationally recognized student leadership experience and one I would highly recommend to any students looking for an internship next summer.  I’ll be proud to put this one on my resume!  Go Lutes!

See you all soon.  And for our classmates scattered across the country for internship, it’s 60 degrees and cloudy here today in Seattle. Hope you get some relief from the heat soon.

And this little WORDLE is for my LEAD ONE classmates!  My portfolio in a nutshell!

Sarah T.



5 thoughts on “Student Involvement and Leadership At Pacific Lutheran University

  1. “That’s in comparison to Seattleites! Hey Dustin Grabsch, there’s no Seattle freeze down here! ”

    Might have to come visit!!!! :-)

  2. James, you are too much to handle. (not sure if sarcasm comes across via the web, hence why I’ve included this side note)

    Sarah, I am thrilled that you are enjoying yourself this summer. Can’t wait to hear more upon my return to Seattle!

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