Some things I learned in a year from graduate school and Seattle

1.    Some things you learn aren’t so.

2.    Simple is better.

My mom would be thrilled to see me write this. From early on she kept telling me to “KISS” it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the acronym it expands to “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” I tend to overcomplicate things that do not need to be. Simplifying things have proved to be one of the first steps I do on any project, assignment, or task now-a-days.  Also, life is too simple to master.

3.    The simple gets complicated – quickly.

One realization I have had with my education. The longer I am in the educational system, the fewer things are simple. There are always more factors to consider. Both the simple and the complex are beautiful.  

4.    I have a seemingly endless capacity for stress.

5. I have a vast capacity for cheap red wine.

I blame Trader Joes and the aforementioned.

6.    I am equal parts procrastinator and self-motivator.

These things equalize amazingly well, and result in meticulous lists which are a monumental to anal-rententiveness. Additionally, this skill is something that is going to serve me well; I find that I am capable of accomplishing mind-boggling tasks, if I line them out and take them one step at a time.

7. Success in Seattle requires effort.

Coming from rural and suburban life, living in Seattle requires a great deal more effort on the individual to be successful. Seeking out social opportunities, signing up to volunteer, or inviting yourself to a wine night; all are examples of added effort needed to be successful in Seattle. Plan a trip for you to Mt. Rainier or a local park. Then offer it up for others to attend. Heck, I’ll join.

8.    I really am growing to love and respect the person that I am; who I have been all along, and who I am shaping myself to be.

9.    Shortcuts are dangerous. Standards are the road less traveled. Know them and follow them.

10. Listen and reflect. They are the keys to success.

What are some things you learned this year? Share them.


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