New ways to connect and stay connected with SUSDA

Howdy SUSDA and Alumni!

As we prepare to begin to the 2011-2012 year with your SUSDA Organization, we are creating a new Facebook group for current students and starting a SUSDA Alumni Network group as well. These will be two groups that will continue to be transitioned and maintained by the SUSDA organization executive team.

If you are attending SU in the fall, please request to join “SUSDA Community” and the “SUSDA Alumni Network” group to stay informed of SUSDA related events.

If you are an Alumus/a of the SDA program, please stay connected with other Alumni and current students by joining our “SUSDA Alumni Network” group. Remember to help grow our network and invite your cohort members!

SUSDA Community:!/groups/susda/

SUSDA Alumni Network:!/groups/susdaalumni/

Looking forward to what we will be able to accomplish with this new way of connecting and harnessing the gifts and talents of the SDA community of past and present.



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