Summer with SUSDA: Second-Year-Itis


[MAGIS co-author Ester Sihite kicks us off this week, with her reflections on the upcoming year]

In undergrad, many of us may have experienced something called “senioritis.” And, if you were anything like me, you developed this condition even before the third year ended. Given some of the somewhat grueling conditions of grad school, it is not surprising then, that as returning graduate students, we experience what I call “second-year-itis,” or in other words the syndrome that has us moaning sadly, “when-does-this-ennnddd?” by the end of our first years (i.e. now).



I saw a Facebook update recently from one of my friends in the program expressing her excitement for this coming year of grad school. Honestly, my first thought was… “hmm, share with me a little bit of that excitement.” I will admit that, having spent most of a summer away on an internship and now being here in Seattle for summer weather that finally decided to grace us its presence, I am NOT looking forward to one more year of not only schooling but of doing the juggling act of schooling, work and personal life.



BUT, the more I think about the people that will compose my second year – the returning SDA’ers, the new SDA’ers, the faculty (who do care, I believe), the other grad students in other programs at SU whom I will meet, research opportunities, networking (sounds so awful, but it actually is very rewarding if you are willing to let the people around you help you out), the happy hours after class, the holiday parties, etc… Well, I wouldn’t call my feelings excitement, per se, but it is a calm sense of looking forward and of contentment that, for right now, this is where I’m supposed to be, and there is so much more to experience, to learn from and be surprised by. So I say to this second year: bring it. I might even enjoy you.


About Ester

Grad student at Seattle U. Seattlelite by region, world-traveler/citizen at heart. :)

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