Summer Fun Will Not End

I don’t enjoy the thought that the Summer is about to end. With most if not all GAs starting their work in the coming weeks, this reality is upon us all. Some of us have been able to travel, do internships around the country (globe… Julie), or relax in the great Northwest, but all of this is about to come crashing down as Fall quarter slowly approaches and the Seattle “summer weather” ceases to exist, if it even existed at all. I’m reminded of a 4-year old in a grocery store who falls to the ground kicking, screaming, and crying out “I don’t want fish sticks!!” I feel like doing the same thing: kick, scream, roll around on the ground, and yell out “No! I don’t want summer to end!” Unfortunately, all of the screaming will not stop the seasons from changing, although you can imagine how cool it would be if that happened.

There are a few consolations that do come with the Fall quarter. The leaves change color, FOOTBALL, and the fact that we get to reconnect with friends that have been away for a time, and get to meet many others who have a similar passion of developing students. This is an exciting time for all of us, even if we feel like acting like a 4-year old throwing a tantrum.

And who says we have to stop having fun when we are back in classes this Fall? As Sarah so proudly stated, fun can still be had while classes are in session, we just forget this fact as the impending doom of course work nears. SUSDA FUN PLUG!! We already have 2 events prepared, and are working on 2 more before classes start and many many more throughout the school year. Although you can’t control the amount of course work you get, you can control how much FUN you have during this academic year! It’s all up to you to make the memories and friendships that can last a lifetime (super corny, I know). But seriously, let’s all make the effort to get out and enjoy these last few weeks of summer and carry that fun momentum (funentum if you will) and not let the summer fun end!


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