Seeing the Good in the World

Scrolling through The Chronicle Online (Sorry Jeremy, I didn’t find it in the paper copy) I came across a name that looked very familiar.  After clicking on the link I realized that the young man featured, David, was in my section in high school.  I used to be his section leader even.  At first, he was quite timid and shy.  He didn’t always seem to be in the right place at the right time.  His notes weren’t always correct.  However, I did notice he had a passion and a drive to get better.  Little did I know such passion and drive would lead him to start making a change in the world.

My instructor “gently” nudged me to groom him to succeed me.  Can I just say, I was glad that I had someone to rely on who cared as much or more than I did.  With David it was easy to strive towards my goal in any leadership position: “To work myself out of a job”

He gives me hope for the future.  He reminds me why I love Student Development.  He reminds me that every student has a spark and that spark just needs to burn.


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