Summer with SUSDA: September arrives

It’s officially September. The calendar has turned a page, summer weather has finally kicked into gear, and everyone is making plans for Labor Day, the last vacation days until Halloween, maybe Thanksgiving. Baseball season approaches the play offs, Soccer is winding down, and Football begins their improbable season. Not to mention, only 20 days until the beginning of the Seattle University School year.

I’m sure I just frightened a good portion of you, and made others very excited. I myself, still feeling some travel lag from Sweden, feel resigned, an attitude akin to “here we go again.” But I endeavor to remember that my Master’s Degree, and the SDA program is about a process. Our degree is about discovery, honing your interests, and exploring new avenues. As a result, the degree is different for everyone. Because our program is about that journey, culminating in either a portfolio of your work, or a comprehensive final test, I often feel as though I’m not learning anything new. I somehow thought there might be more facts that I didn’t know about education that needed memorizing, or perhaps wider concepts about the educational system, but that hasn’t been the case. The Master’s Degree has been a much more personal journey, and will be for everyone.

So, when I’m also responsible for helping build community within the program as the SUSDA information chair (a position, which I am actively defining as I go), I have to think about how I can create avenues for this process. I’m not imparting information like, “Did you know SUSDA was founded the same year as the program?” or “Research shows 8 out of 10 student affairs administrators die in line of duty” but creating ways for information to reach students. I am responsible, just like the our Professional Development chair, or our Networking Chair, for facilitating students building relationships between other students, professionals, and their work. I create the form, our beloved students create the content. This blog, the Twitter Feed (…which I need to update), and the Facebook groups are all part of my purview, created to facilitate connections.

But we could make better connections, we could do more to create the architecture of our involvement. So for my last Summer with SUSDA post, I’d like to hear from our wonderful readers: what would you like to see more of? What would you like to see on the blog, the Twitter feed, or the Facebook groups?

This information will be entirely private, and your name and any other identifying features will be scrubbed from any information I chose to share with any other party.

Have a great Labor Day (I’m off to the Washington coast myself).


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