Summer with SUSDA: Location, Location, Location

[MAGIS Co-Editor Ester Sihite chimes in with her last post to mull over where she’d like to end up]

As I am begin to more mindfully and purposefully figure out where I would like to have an upcoming chapter of my career (or at least aim to have one), I come across one of the million dollar questions: “Where could I see myself working?”

My thoughts on that basically center on: (a) where would I find great institutional “fit” and (b) where could I enjoy life  outside of work.  Sounds fairly simple, but during a time period when jobs don’t grow on trees and I wonder sometimes what the job search is going to be like come later this year, I wonder how picky I can be.  To be honest, I would like to like my job and to live in an area where I can play outside of work and which has a diversity of activities and people.  Having gotten to spend a couple of months (for an internship) this summer on the east coast (a region in which I had not spent much time yet) and getting the feel for a number of cities and higher ed institutions, I had a little bit more discernment about where I’d want to work and where I wouldn’t want to work.  Kind of a side benefit of an internship, I guess.  Also, as I’ve spent more time with the people whom I love here in Seattle, I also feel a pressing need in my heart to have those people near… best friends, a significant other, my family–they all play a big role in where I will consider having the next chapter in my life.

As with all things, balance is a good thing, a very important thing.  So, in the task of looking for and selecting a career opportunity, I ask myself (and open up the question to my peers and those with more life experience), how do I balance all of the things that are important to me (a good job, the people closest to me in my life, and a good city/institutional fit)?  How do I begin to be wisely selective but not TOO narrow in my search?

Hmm… well, good thing it’s only the day after Labor Day.  It looks like we’ve got some time to figure this stuff out.  I think the Capstone class in the Fall will help as well.

To any and all who can relate to this post or have any pearls of wisdom to share, I welcome your thoughts. :)


About Ester

Grad student at Seattle U. Seattlelite by region, world-traveler/citizen at heart. :)

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