9/22/2011 E-Board Meeting Minutes

SUSDA E-Meeting 9/22/2011

  • Group starts with proud and praise sharing
  • Going over changes to the constitution and mission statement.
    • Each chair must present a succinct reason for their changes at the first community meeting
    • We perform live edits to the mission statement
      • Are we empowering leaders for a just and humane world?
  • President outlines inconsistency of continuity vis a vis SUSDA budget.
    • What are the sources SUSDA has received budgets from in the past?
      • Jake Diaz
      • Faculty members
        • Why not college of education?
  • Vice President outlines retreat budget.
    • Bureaucracy and beginning of the school year has log jammed traditional sources like the Graduate Student Council.
    • The Executive Board discusses alternative places and methods to obtain funds.
      • The President will meet with Jake Diaz to secure emergency budget.
    • Only 19 current students have confirmed attendance for the retreat.
      • Need to recruit/approach maybes and students who did not sign up at orientation. Also, second year students. We NEED 35 students to attend.
  • Professional Development Chair outlines her schedule
    • NASPA regional conference planning to come soon.
    • Coordinating with Community Relations chair on Peer Mentor program.
    • Solicits ideas for Student Affairs Career month
  • President and Networking chair to collaborate on Alumni Newsletter
  • Communications Chair has gained access to old SUSDA website, is working to transfer old MAGIS volumes to current WordPress site for hosting.
  • Debrief on first regular year meeting after classes, and depart.

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