Service Goes With Everything

Yes, just like integrity, service goes with everything.

Shout out to all the SDA students who took part in Serve Seattle today.  It was fun seeing your faces pop up from buses and greenspaces. 400 mostly new students spent the day at Cheasty Greenspace on Beacon Hill.  I spent the day with a group of 15 students from Campion 5 and 6 building community and pulling out invasive blackberry canes. Scratchy work, but satisfying.  We collaborated with EarthCorps, a local environmental non-profit and removed non-native invasive plant species, laid down mulch, and did restoration work in order to prepare for the coming planting season.  Additionally, 100 students worked at Yesler Terrace on a community clean-up event facilitated by residents.  The clean-up involved picking up trash and cleaning front yards and community spaces.  The SU Youth Initiative continues!

During the end of the day reflections, we heard students talk about the satisfaction of manual labor, the fun of meeting new people and working alongside each other and the sustaining impact of our time and energy spent in caring for the environment.

Service goes with everything, including SUSDA!

Sarah T.


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