The All-SUSDA Retreat

Great Scott! The All-SUSDA Retreat is coming! The basics are below.

WHAT: A beginning of the year retreat for both first years and continuing students.

WHY: To start the year off right! There will be explanations of what SUSDA actually does (why do we have all these committees? and a blog? and what is professional development anyway?), our first community meeting, and plenty of time to make connections with folks in the program.

WHEN: October 8th – October 9th. We will be meeting early to carpool to the site, and then leaving by noon the next day.

WHERE: Camp Brotherhood in Mt. Vernon, WA. Specifically, I believe we will be in the Fisher Lodge.

WHO: We need at least 35 people to commit to this, or else. There are no other options, we absolutely need 35 people. We are approaching that number, but we could use a little more help, especially from continuing students.

HOW: The retreat does cost money. $25 dollars cash or check. You get three meals, and an overnight stay at the retreat location. SUSDA has heavily subsidized this trip for everyone, and we’ve done a fair amount of negotiating with Camp Brotherhood to allow us a minimum of 35 people to come. It was up at 43, and before that, higher (Stephanie Weiskopf is a hero to us all). This money is due THURSDAY, September 29th to Eunice McGill. If you are a new student, and don’t know Eunice, she is wonderful. She is the administrative coordinator for our program that keeps your professors on task, and the program running smoothly. She is the best. Her office is in Loyola 407. You should go say hello, and give her your retreat money (make any checks out to “Seattle University – SDA”) Usually, at the quarter changes, you will be picking up final papers and portfolios from her office.


“Do I need to bring anything special?” A pack list will be sent out, but besides from comfortable clothes and active shoes, you should be fine. We are not ‘roughing it.’

“I have a food allergy, will I die if I eat the camp food?” We hope not. The camp will accommodate those with food allergies.

“I have plans on Sunday, am I allowed to leave early?” We are very understanding that sometimes life calls. We would love for you to come, even if you have to jet earlier on Sunday.

“If I don’t go, will I be shamed by all of my peers?” I doubt you will be shamed, but this is an excellent opportunity for new students to get to know their peers better, and for continuing students to connect with the incoming class. This is going to be one fun weekend. By not attending, you will miss out on a chance to better know people in the program. We understand that not everyone can attend, however.

If you have any questions, Stephanie Weiskopf is the person to ask. Her e-mail is I can answer any questions as well in the comments!


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