The All-SUSDA Retreat is This Weekend!

I’m excited. Are you excited? I’m excited.

Here’s the skinny.

  • Meet at the Bellarmine turn around (12th and Columbia) at 8:30 am on Saturday, October 8th (yes, it’s early, but Starbucks is right across the street).
  • We are carpooling, so if you could bring some $6 in cash for your lovely driver, that would be greatly appreciated!
    • If you are a driver, you can find directions here. A map of the facility is here. We are staying in the Fisher lodge.
  • We will be returning to campus by 12pm on Sunday. Schedule meetings accordingly!
  • You will need to bring the following:
    • Warm clothing. The weather report predicts a sunny but cool Saturday, with a high of 60 F . Sunday will be a bit cooler at 57 F, but showers are possible.
    • Since showers are possible, we recommend you bring a rain coat or other waterproof jacket.
    • Toiletries (a clean tooth is a happy tooth)
    • Bath towel
    • Pillow and sleeping bag. We do get real beds, but we do have to provide our own linens.
    • Flashlight (we’re not roughing it, but we’re not in a big city either. It can get dark).
    • Active shoes (sprained ankles aren’t fun)
    • Pen and Notebook (REFLECTION BEGINS NOW)
  • Optional:
    • Beer and Wine (We’re not here to get crazy, we’re here to get to know one another. If you think a low to moderate amount of alcohol will help that, then you are welcome to bring some.)
    • Laptops. This is called a retreat for a reason. If you have a major commitment and your job depends on it getting done Saturday night, you may bring a laptop. I would encourage you to leave it at home.
    • Alarm clocks (doesn’t every cell phone have an alarm these days?)
  • Other Information
    • We will be holding our first SUSDA community meeting at the retreat. It won’t be long, but it’s meant to get people involved and aware of what some of the future community meetings will look like. During our meeting, we hope to pass amendments to the SUSDA Constitution, which is way out of date (I don’t refer to myself as the information specialist, for instance). You can view all of the lovely changes (tracked for your benefit, although you can turn them off and view our new document in its entirety) here.
  • That’s it! We’ve cleared all of our food allergies with the kitchens, accumulated enough drivers, and taken care of most everything else. If you have any questions, feel free to call any of the SUSDA E-team.
  • Oh, yes. If you’re interested in being a First Year Liaison, we’d love to have you. There will be a great deal of information about that at the retreat, and I’ll post some here too.

We will see you on Saturday morning!


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