The Mentor/Mentee Connection

The prospect of having a mentor is an exciting one. I’ve mentored people frequently and inadvertently but rarely had the opportunity of being on the receiving end. As I completed the Mentee form (which, as Brandon pointed out, is quite dating-form-esque ), I realized that summing up yourself and your needs in a few boxes is quite a challenge. I have no idea whether  I want an MED or an MA and I attended a huge public university but the experience didn’t suit me. My SDA interests and intentions are focused on the more humanistic/social fields but there might be something administrative that I’m not aware I enjoy. Furthermore, I love to read, hike, cook, and bike but have met plenty of people who share these interests whom I dislike! Hence, a conundrum.

Most of the mentoring relationships I’ve found myself in were born naturally and from my desire to invest in the holistic growth of that individual. Why? Because I liked him or her as a person. Bits of advice spilled over into lunch chats and coffee dates because I simply couldn’t help helping that student or colleague. I want a mentor who feels likewise.

I think that information about courses, professors, MED vs. MA, and the final portfolio can and will be gained from advisors and seminars. A mentor’s job is to invest and connect in the mentee’s well-being so that he or she can assist in developing a niche for specific needs. And without that, I simply don’t see the mentor/mentee relationship happening.

So, as Dustin stated previously, make that connection. It may take a few tries and your first mentor may not be ideal. That’s ok. What matters is that ultimately you find a someone who can’t resist the urge to assist you.


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