10/6/2011 SUSDA E-team Minutes

  • We go over reminders and information
    • First year liaison election process was e-mailed yesterday with timeline
      • Encourage people to apply
      • Letters of intent due to Stephanie Weiskopf on October 10.
      • SUSDA community meeting for election speeches will be 5:00pm-6:00pm on October 13th.
      • Voting October 13th-16th. Announcement on 17th.
    • BYO Pumpkin Party will be on 10/28. No one has volunteered to host this event as of yet, so if you hear of someone wanting to be involved, this is a great opportunity, Nathan Fanning can host the event. Start time = Fun time = 8:00pm
  • The SUSDA Retreat!
    • Funding from GSC was denied.
    • Stephanie sought other sources, we will be okay.
    • E-Team discusses their responsibilities for retreat
  • E-mail overload
    • Some students mentioned they were getting a ton of e-mail. Is there a way to consolidate our e-mail?
    • Events and other announcements will be due to Brandon for a weekly e-mail by Sundays at 6 pm
  • Career in Student Affairs event, Thursday October 27th
    • Courtney is in the midst of organizing it
    • She has recruited a fair number of key members of the Student Affairs division.
    • Will have list of speakers, perhaps more of a reception feel.
  • SDA Fee
    • Masters of Teaching has fee, so there is precedent
    • Fee that covers retreat, and then fee by fee for other events?
    • Or perhaps a one time fee for a core programming?
  • Recognition of Peer Mentors
    • Tabled for time.
  • Thursday, November 7th Event
    • ACUHO-What, NODA-who again!
  • Closing

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