This morning as I was reading through the daily Higher Education news publications I came across this article.

As I started reading the article out loud, both Nick Dietrich and I instantly thought that Elmhurst College was a private conservative institution.  I am not sure why, but we both thought that Elmhurst asking their incoming students about sexual orientation appeared to have an ulterior motive.  As I read through the article I started to realize the potential good of this practice, but I am curious about the privacy of this information and how it will be used.

I am not sure where I am at in all of this, but it did make me think of our Foundations course with Dr. Tim Wilson when we discussed residential living and how someone who is transgendered might be treated or viewed.  It do agree that by “openly assessing a school’s LGBT population would make colleges more aware of needs such as finding tolerant roommates and providing appropriate health care.”

Curious about others thoughts…


One thought on “Pioneering?

  1. Maybe I didn’t see the full article (that link lead to a really short one), but I’m not understanding which avenue they are using to ask students about their sexual orientation. Through the application for admission? If so, I can also see the potential benefit of that, although it should definitely be made clear in print and in ethos that the student is not obligated to share that information and that it won’t be used in any way as a basis for discrimination. I think it’s great if students want to disclose that in order to receive better accommodations, but it should also be up to them when and where they want to share that information about themselves. Especially considering that many students still have not come out publicly by the time they are applying for college. That’s my two cents! :)

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