SUSDA Community Meeting Notes 11/3/2011

  • Announcements about class registration and blog series.
    • Dustin goes through Check In
    • Attendees go through prouds and praises
  • Stephanie goes through Summary of SUSDA fee meeting
    • Fee officially tabled until next year
    • Priority of fundraising and finding other funding sources
    • Ways to scale down/economize retreat and graduation celebration.
    • Possibilities for fee: one time entrance fee into program?
    • Would still like to hear voices on this topic
  • Courtney goes through Careers in Student Affairs Month event
    • Debrief
      • Different space/interaction style than an info fair?
      • People enjoyed speaker aspect was appreciated
      • In the future, fewer GA’s, more staff members?
      • SUSDA members enjoyed social time with other members and staff in non-formal atmosphere.
      • Expand audience to non-SU students?
      • Students don’t often known what Student Affairs means, therefore relative attendance for SU was good.
      • Include alumni in future events?
    • Thank you
  • Laura Lynn gathers interest in SDA Graduation Celebration Committee
  • Martha Chan and Michael de Vera takes us through the NODA-ACUHO-WHAT? Event
    • Sessions explained
      • Both national and international internship practicalities discussed.
      • Two different panels: one for national, one for international
      • Alums will be present.
    • Bring questions and your resumes
  • Ester speaks on MAGIS Editor Training Session
    • November 4th from 3:00pm -5:00pm in Pigott 102
    • Dedicated to people interested in content and copy editing, but will be gathering interest for layout editing.
  • Dustin takes ideas on Winter quarter Community Gathering
    • Extended experience (not a full retreat, but more than an hour long community meeting)
      • Day of service?
      • Use Safe Space training?
      • Diversity and Social Justice training?
  • Open Forum: Academic Questions
    • First years curious about taking Law and Theory at the same. Continuing students believe it can be done.
    • Book trade google doc? Kelli Muilenberg and Brandon to perhaps create a collaborative trading center?
  • Laura Lynn presents in leading an Inspiration
    • Pig of Happiness

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