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[Second year student Noah Overby requested that we post this. We obliged.]

There has been terrible flooding in Thailand this year. In fact many parts of the capitol city, Bangkok, and the surrounding area are chest deep under water. My wife is from Thailand, and I have a considerable number of relatives that live there. It breaks my heart to think about my family and the immense number of Thai people who have been displaced by this natural disaster. People have been forced to evacuate for dry ground, and things like home owner’s and renter’s insurance are virtually unknown in Thailand. My family is fortunate in that they have relatives that live down south and are able to relocate until the flood waters subside, at which time they can begin to rebuild. Many others are less fortunate.

Though Thailand has three seasons, one of which is the rainy season, the amount of rainfall late this year has been tremendous. The flooding is the worst they’ve seen in over 50 years. Nine and a half million people have been affected by this flood, and in addition to the damage to homes and businesses, it is expected to impact 6 million metric tons of unmilled rice. Rice is a staple food in much of Asia and is very important for the economically disadvantaged in the region.

The Thai royal family established a charitable organization in 1962 that assists with the fall out from natural disasters. The organization is called the Rajaprajanigrow Foundation. There is a benefit lunch and dinner being held at Thai Chili Restaurant in Kent on Sunday November 13th! (this week!) from 1pm-3:30pm or 4pm-7pm. The event costs $25 to attend and you can purchase a ticket from Noah Overby. There will be authentic foods, cultural performances and prizes as well. Food will be served buffet style and the funds raised will go to the Rajaprajanigroh Foundation. This event is organized by the “Friends of Thailand-Pacific Northwest Group.” More information is available through their facebook page.

Donations are also welcome for those who cannot attend. I will be on campus Thursday afternoon/evening for class, and I can come to Seattle University on Friday afternoon if anyone else wants to purchase a ticket.

Thai Chili Restaurant is located about a half hour drive South of the SU campus at the following address:

(253) 850-5887

For more info Contact: Noah Overby 206-963-9122


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